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Ronan Pellen


Cister, cello, viola da gamba

After cello studies, Ronan learned the Scottish bagpipes with Pierre Gallais, then the electric and acoustic guitar. Ronan discovers traditional Irish and Breton music with Loic Bléjean. It was then that he adopted the cittern, a cousin instrument of mandolins and bouzoukis. A traveling musician, Ronan draws his inspiration from many musical styles, from Indian music to jazz, through ancient, oriental, Latin, African or rock music. In addition to the cittern and the cello, he was able to learn the sarangi (Indian fiddle) with Santosh Mishra in Varanasi, and the viola da gamba with François Koelh.
This eclectic career has led her to pass on her knowledge during numerous harmony and ensemble music courses dedicated to various audiences since 2004 (Ty Kendalc'h, CEFEDEM, Studi ha Dudi, Petra Neue, Mod All), and to participate in the teaching team of the Pont Supérieur in Rennes for traditional music (preparation for the DNSPM).

After having started with Skeduz and Dibenn, he now mainly performs with Annie Ebrel, Hamon-Martin Quintet, Sylvain Barou, Istan, Triptyque and the Kraken Consort. He also plays with the bands Kejaj, Lyannaj, Skeduz, Nevolen, and with Paddy Keenan.

Current Trainings

Hamon-Martin Quintet, dance music and concerts
Annie Ebrel, Breton song, concert, with D.Souvanna, C.Dallot
Barou-Pellen, Irish music
Istan, concert, world music
Kraken Consort, Celtic baroque music, with C.Santon-Jeffery, R.Getchell, B.Helstroffer, L.Helstroffer-Durantel, S.Barou, B.Favreau.
Triptych - tribute to Jacques Pellen with P. & J. Molard, H. Labarrière, S. Barou Skeduz fest-noz
Kejaj / Lyannaj, fest-noz lewoz / Brittany-Guadeloupe
Nevolen, fest-noz
Paddy Keenan, Irish music.

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